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Treatment at Recovery and Wellness Professional Services


At Recovery & Wellness Professional Services, we have the proven ability of successfully assisting our clients with their mental health needs. Our treatment professionals can assist you in managing your treatment and provide you with the competent care you need.


We will go to schools and other professionals if necessary to assist the client in every way possible in minimizing the frustrations of dealing with treatment. Often it is enough for our patients to deal with their mental health issues without having to navigate the myriad of other challenging administrative issues. We are here to support you every step of the way.


We work with both males and females who have Substance Use Disorders, Process Addictions, or Co-Occurring issues (i.e. unresolved trauma, attachment issues, depression, anxiety, unresolved grief, any other mental disorder). We can also work with what is known as “Process Addictions,” such as Sex Addiction and/or Sex and Love Addiction, Gaming (video games), Pathological Gambling, Codependency, Compulsive Exercise, and Eating Disorders (the latter often carries much shame as there is still a cultural stigma that eating disorders are a feminine specific issue). We utilize Dr. Patrick Carnes’ “task” model, a revolutionizing process in addiction treatment. Dr. Carnes’ “30 Task Model” is a recovery model for all addictions that has been longitudinally studied with statistical rigor with over 1000 recovering sex addicts with multiple addictions. The results found that over 80% attained 5 years of “sobriety” (i.e. free from problem behavior) or more when just 18 of the 30 “Tasks” were completed.