Intervention Services and Rates

Interventions are offered when your loved one has tried all other forms of support and they are still using drugs and/or alcohol. An intervention is a way to get the user into a treatment center, with the help of their support system, so they can access the best care possible.

What is an Interventionist?

An Interventionist is a mental health specialist who can guide and instruct people on how to carry out an intervention.

I can be involved from the start. I can help choose the format for the intervention, outline the structure, and take charge of the planning process. I will also work for you by taking the lead in the actual intervention.

Why seek my help?

Too often, it is difficult for a person to recognize that they need help for drug or alcohol abuse and denial is often the loved one’s response. It will be incredibly overwhelming for friends and family members to deal with their loved one’s denial, and you have already been hurt by your loved one’s substance abuse. Confronting your loved one without reacting emotionally is nearly impossible to do, thus the need for my skills.

Also, many mistakes can be made by doing an intervention without a trained professional, as using my services ensures that no mistake will be made and that the intervention will have a higher chance of succeeding. My main goal is to get your loved one to agree to get help for substance/alcohol abuse voluntarily. I will walk everyone through the entire process, helping to take an enormous amount of the pressure off. I will also help you figure out when and how to bring your loved one into the conversation. I will be both a facilitator and guide for your intervention.

What to expect

Prior to the intervention, I will assist in several planning meetings which will be held with the participants of the intervention. I will also help your family decide which family members or friends will benefit in participating in the intervention.

During the intervention, I will moderate the conversation and troubleshoot. I will help your family deal with what could possibly happen or be said during this event.

Why use Lawrence Farber?

  1. I have 30 years of experience in the substance abuse/recovery field, doing both interventions and individual work with people with alcohol/substance dependency
  2. I am a licensed clinical social worker, licensed in multiple states. I have a specialty in substance abuse as well as the following certifications: Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT), a Master’s in Social Work, and a Master’s degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  3. In addition to working with you and explaining the process from beginning to end, I will:
    • Research and provide the best treatment facility options prior to the intervention
    • Help work with your insurance to confirm that the program we choose is covered by your insurance
    • Answer all questions you have throughout the process
    • Assist your loved one in completing the inpatient enrollment process
    • If necessary, set up transportation for your loved one, often immediately after the intervention
    • Should you decide that you would like help after your loved one completes treatment, I can assist you with case management aftercare. Often the family believes that after treatment, the loved one will be “healed”, however, that is when the client is the most vulnerable and in great need of a solid aftercare plan. I can assist you with this difficult process as well