Why See Us

Treatment here at Recovery & Wellness Professional Services


Here at substance Abuse and recovery services we have the ability of assisting you with your mental health needs without having to go outside our team. By having a team of  treatment professionals, and our own associate psychiatrist, we can help you avoid the frustrations of needing to split your treatment to different professionals throughout the community. Our team can manage your treatment and provide you the competent care you need.


We will go to schools, and other professionals if necessary, and assist the client in every way possible to minimize his or her frustrations of dealing with treatment.

Often it is enough for our patients to deal with their mental health issues without having to negotiate the myriad of other administrative challenging issues.


We have:
On staff Psychiatric treatment.
A professional to help you with your individual or group needs.
A different professional to assist you with your family needs.
A professional receptionist to help you easily handle your administrative billing and appointment issues who is friendly and approachable.

Here at Recovery & Wellness Professional Services you will get your treatment needs (medical management as well as counseling) under one roof which is rare in the community.